Blogpost idea. Where to find them?

Everywhere, really. But then, you would have thrown some popcorns my way. To avoid that from happening (not that I mind; because actually, I do love popcorns), I’ve gathered 30 blog post ideas for you to play with. They might come in handy when you’ve already got a certain topic, theme, or story you’d like to write for your blog, but found yourself stuck and couldn’t move forward.

blogpost idea

When reading the 30 blogpost ideas below, change [The Topic] with whatever theme, topic, or story you have in mind. See which ideas spark inspiration in you, and can be executed right away. Depending on the idea & the prompt questions following it, you might want to make your theme, topic, or story either more general or more specific.

But, never again should you be running out of ideas, or not knowing what to write!


Tell a story about how you got interested in [The Topic] for the first time.

How did you hear about it? Why does it spark your interest or curiosity? What did you feel/think when you came to know, hear, or get close to [The Topic] for the first time? What kind of situation were you in when you get in touch with [The Topic] for the first time?


List down some of your favorite quotes, advice, or messages about [The Topic] and why these quotes resonate with you.

We love good quotes. It’s short and concise. It’s shareable. It’s quick to read and easy to digest. It’s straightforward. So, do you have some favorite quotes, advice, or messages about [The Topic] you’re about to write? You can compile them all into a blog post and turn each quote into eye-pleasing visuals using a free design app.

If you’re aiming for a longer & more elaborate blog post, ask yourself why each quote resonates with you. Why did you find those quotes particularly relevant to you in the past (or in the present)? Did you experience something that makes you feel so ‘close’ to some particular quotes? Did some quotes remind you of someone?

blogpost idea


Create a recommended reading list containing some books you have found truly useful about [The Topic].

If you’re an avid reader, this will be an enjoyable feast! You can simply create your recommended list of books related to [The Topic]. You can also pick 1-2 memorable quotes/lines from each book; and for a longer post, write about the major lessons you’ve learned from each book; or how each one impacts you and your views about [The Topic].


Interview some people who are interested in [The Topic] or related to [The Topic] in some ways. Collect their stories as a round-up or as a blog series.

It’s always nice to get connected to those who share the same passion with us. In one and another way, it makes us feel less alone in the world. It makes us feel like we’re a part of a bigger community. Listening to what different people have to say about a similar topic, theme, or issue will enrich us. It will help us understand the many facets, layers, and experiences other people are having.

Experience is the greatest teacher. And we can also learn from other people’s experiences. Get in touch with some people related to [The Topic]. Of course, it’s good if they are industry leaders, popular, or influential, but don’t let this stop you. It doesn’t matter that much who these people are.

They can simply be a bunch of nice and fun people to talk to about [The Topic], and they will definitely have a story to tell. Each story is interesting in its own way. So, have fun and interview your friends, your online friends, another blogger blogging on [The Topic], people who are working in jobs related to [The Topic], your parents…

You can write a blogpost from this interview and feature the person you’ve interviewed. Or, if you like this approach too much, you can also create a blog series—in which, from time to time, you’ll feature an interview with a certain someone about [The Topic].

blogpost idea


Post an update, a forecast, a trend, or a thought about where you think [The Topic] is heading in the upcoming year.

If you like desk research, this could be the way to go. Find out what other people say about the trends/forecasts related to [The Topic], and then weigh in your own opinion. Do you think [The Topic] is really heading in that certain direction? Why? Have you been experiencing any indication of things heading that way? Have you also tried/experienced the latest updates/trends they are suggesting? Do you like it? What do you think about it?


What are some of your personal/professional concerns related to [The Topic]? Why?

It’s interesting to ask yourself about the things that make you scared, angry, sad, concerned, ashamed, embarrassed, or uncomfortable. These things can say a lot about us, and a lot can also be said about [The Topic] if we’re looking at it through those feelings.

Is there something that makes you feel angry, sad, scared, concerned, ashamed, embarrassed, or uncomfortable about [The Topic]? Why do you experience those feelings, and why does a particular thing about [The Topic] make you feel this way? Have you yourself experienced the feeling, or have someone you know experienced it? Do you have any idea why these uncomfortable things related to [The Topic] happen?


What should people do to be able to enjoy [The Topic] more?

Think of people who are interested in [The Topic], but found some parts of [The Topic] hard, annoying, challenging, difficult, or draining. Do you have any tips, ideas, or experiences on what they can do to enjoy [The Topic] more? Do you know something that can make [The Topic] feels easier, lighter, or friendlier?

blogpost idea


Why should people pay more attention to [The Topic]?

What do you think is really important about [The Topic]? Are there some fundamental things people should know about? What were some of the things you wished you knew about [The Topic] in the first place? Can you tell people about the bigger impact of [The Topic]? What about seeing [The Topic] with a bird-eye view: is there anything important related to [The Topic] globally, nationally, locally?


You might not know everything there is to know, but you know for sure these 3 things about [The Topic].

Either because you’ve experienced it first-hand, or because you’ve been in touch with [The Topic] for some time, let people know 3 things you know for sure about [The Topic]. You can also share a more elaborate explanation about your journey/thinking process that has helped you come to this conclusion. Of course, you can list down 5 or 7 things you know about [The Topic]; but 3 is a good number to start. It’s not too intimidating to think about 3 things you know for sure about [The Topic].


What are the 3 less-known things about [The Topic]?

Maybe you’ve heard everyone talking about [The Topic] in a similar fashion. Or there are a lot of resources on the Internet about a certain aspect of [The Topic]. But, do you think there are other sides/aspects of [The Topic] people rarely talk/discuss? What are they?

blogpost ideas


What do you find the most fun, interesting, exciting, or enjoyable about [The Topic]?

It’s more or less self-explanatory. Ask yourself about what makes you interested in [The Topic]. What do you find exciting about [The Topic]? How do you enjoy experiencing/knowing [The Topic] so far? What about [The Topic] that makes you smile, happy, energetic, and optimistic? Which part about [The Topic] makes you passionate about it?


List down some of your favorite moments related to [The Topic].

Do you remember a particular day or some particular moments when you were experiencing [The Topic] and how the memories of that day have stayed with you ever since? Can you remember many of these days, moments, or memories?


If you can look at [The Topic] critically, what would you criticize about some aspects of [The Topic]?

Is there any part of [The Topic] you disagree with? Has someone wrote about something related to [The Topic] and you are not in the same shoes about it? Have there been any criticisms out there about [The Topic]? What do people say? Is there any criticism that you can relate to? Or maybe you understand why they criticize [The Topic] in a certain way? Try to write about it.


List down some of your favorite products/services related to The Topic.

I’m always happy to advertise great products/services for free, and I’m forever thankful for the products/services that have served me well. One thing you can do is to list down some of your favorite products/services related to [The Topic]. Tell people why you love that particular products/service, and how the product/service have helped you. Why do you think the readers should try this product/service?


Review a certain product/service related to [The Topic].

Is there a new product/service in the market related to [The Topic]? Do you think you can find out more about it and try it; then review it? Is it as good as the promise it has to offer? Do you find it useful or helpful? Is the product/service friendly enough? Do you think the price is fair for such performance? Would you recommend it to everyone? Would you recommend it only to a particular type of person? Why?

blogpost idea


Tell people why they do not have to worry too much about [The Topic].

We’re all worried about something at some point in our lives. It’s only natural. What are the pain-points in [The Topic] that most people are worried about? What if someone comes to you worrying about a certain aspect about [The Topic] and your duty is to console, comfort, and convince them: that they don’t have to worry too much about it because it’s not going to be that bad?


What are some misconceptions people might have about [The Topic]?

Are there some myths, hoaxes, or popular beliefs about [The Topic]? Have there been any popular misconceptions about [The Topic] taken seriously by others? What are these misconceptions? Why are they not true? What’s the truth to be told about [The Topic]?


Tell a story of someone you’ve always looked up to related to [The Topic].

Isn’t it nice to talk to someone who has always been an inspiration to you? Someone you respect, someone you look up to, someone you have always wanted to come to for advice? When it comes to [The Topic], who is this person you look up to? Can you reach out to him/her and find out more about their story related to [The Topic]? Either it’s an email conversation, a phone call, or an invitation for a cup of coffee, your interaction with this person about [The Topic] can actually turn into a blog post.

blogpost idea


List down 3 most-frequent questions people tend to ask about [The Topic] and try to answer them.

This blogpost came from one of the most frequent questions I got about blogging and writing in general: where do you get your ideas from? Another one: how do you get paid to write? When it comes to [The Topic], what are some of the most frequent questions people tend to ask you about? Or, if you don’t get such questions, imagine yourself as someone particularly new to [The Topic]. What kind of questions would you ask? Try to answer these questions.


Tell some inconvenient experience you’ve ever had about [The Topic].

Truth is, the world is not all about cupcakes and unicorns. There are times when things go wrong. We get hurt or disappointed, we shoot high, and then we fail. Do you have any inconvenient experience about [The Topic] so far, something that happened to you and probably changed the way you look at [The Topic] since then? What happened, and how the experience changed your outlook, attitude, or approach about [The Topic]?


Create a list of some of your favorite blogs/websites related to [The Topic].

Another quick-whip for your blog post: go find some blogs/websites related to [The Topic] and curate your most favorite ones. This is a great opportunity for you to find great blogs/websites you might want to bookmark yourself, and also a good chance for you to get connected with those who share your passion.

You can also email them, thank them for having a great blog/website, and let them know that you’ve included them in your blog post. We love being appreciated, so let’s pay it forward and appreciate others, too!


Share a recommendation/advice on how people can be better at/in mastering, experiencing, approaching, or relating to [The Topic].

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert in [The Topic] to do this. You can always take up your own experience and look back to the time when you’re still new to [The Topic]. Since then, you’ve improved; no matter how little. What have you done to improve? Did you read something, did you meet someone, did you learn a certain aspect of [The Topic]?

Share your learning journey on how you, yourself, become better at/in mastering, experiencing, approaching, or relating to [The Topic].

blogpost idea


Write a list of some of the things/activities you’d like to do related to [The Topic].

Some people called this a bucket list. I always find making bucket lists exciting. It’s like we’re writing down our dreams, our wishes, all the things we want to know, do, have, achieve, or experience. Suddenly, you see how you wish to grow.

Now, you can also create a bucket list of things you’d like to do or experience related to [The Topic]. It could be lessons to learn, people to meet, places to visit, things to acquire… it could be an achievement or even a feeling. Whatever it is, try to write them down, and also explain why you’d like to do or experience these things. How would it make you feel? Have you always dreamed about it? Why doing/experiencing this is important/exciting to you?


Share a story about how [The Topic] is different now than it was 2, 5, 10, or 20 years ago.

This is about old vs new, past vs present, was vs is. What has changed today about [The Topic]? Does it change for the better or the worse? How were things in the old days, in the previous years? What do you like about [The Topic] now? What do you like about [The Topic] back then? Which one do you like best: the new or the old? Why?


Create a tutorial related to [The Topic].

In a nutshell, teach someone about [The Topic]. Teach what you know, in a linear fashion. Make it easy to follow, like a step-by-step guide. All of us can teach someone about something. Do it through your blog post. A knowledge shared, no matter how small, will multiply. And isn’t it nice to pass along something we know, that might be useful for others?


Create a 7-day experiment/challenge related to [The Topic].

If you are not afraid of commitment and would love to produce more blog posts on the same topic, this could be an option. Challenge yourself for a 7-day experiment/challenge related to [The Topic] and blog about it. You don’t have to limit yourself by blogging about the results. You can also blog about the process, the journey, or the struggle: even the failure (yes, completely okay!).

If 7-day is too strenuous, make it a 7-week challenge, where you’ll blog about the experiment/challenge once a week for 7 weeks. I’m thinking of a 7-week blogging challenge to adopt this year; will let you know when I take it up!

blogpost idea


Do you know some courses, events, or workshops out there related to [The Topic]?

One way to keep improving ourselves is to keep learning and to stay curious. What about [The Topic]? Where can we learn more about it? Are there courses, events, workshops that people can attend? Are there communities of people interested in [The Topic] in your area? Are there weekly or monthly activities related to [The Topic]? You can be the one finding these out and share it with your readers. Who knows, one might attract your attention, too!


What should people expect when they start immersing/exposing themselves in/to [The Topic]?

Imagine someone who’s new to [The Topic]. Let them know what to expect when they’ve immersed themselves in [The Topic] when they are no longer a beginner. Anything they need to know or to prepare? Would they lose weight, lose money, lose time, risk their jobs, face challenges, got into trouble, be exhausted? Or maybe they would feel better, lighter, happier, more confident? Tell them based on your experience, or based on your conversations with other people related to [The Topic].


What are the worst mistakes you’ve ever made related to [The Topic]?

Oh, we sure do learn a lot from our mistakes! But sharing your mistake for others to learn about it could be the next step. Have you made any mistakes related to [The Topic]? Sure, it’s nothing you’re proud about, but maybe it’s useful to share it, helping others not to make the same mistakes if possible. What have you learned from these mistakes? How would you avoid making the same mistakes in the future?


What can [The Topic] teach us about living life?

What has [The Topic] teach you about living life? Can you think of an analogy? If [The Topic] is life, how should one go about it? Are there situations related to [The Topic] that is quite similar to a situation one could face in life?

>> Now, which idea would your turn into a blog post? 

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