“Hi, welcome to {beradadisini}. I’m Hanny, an Indonesian writer who draws and makes art, currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. If you wish to explore, express, and expand yourself through journaling, slow traveling, and creative living, I am here to accompany your journey.  To start reading the blog, click here. To read only posts in English, click here, and posts in Indonesian, here.

{ oh, hello }


In Indonesian, “beradadisini” (the name of this blog) means being here. Writing and documenting my life (in many ways) have always reminded me to be mindfully present. To notice how time passes me by. To preserve memories and fleeting impressions. To capture sights and smells and tiny simple pleasures. Writing the stories of my life, my thoughts, my journeys, as well as my encounters with people and daily experiences, has helped me to discover how I have grown as a person, and to continuously be.

This blog is my random notes on slow traveling, simple living, and responding to my creative calling. If you’d like to stay connected and find out about my latest updates and creative projects, click here.