Hello! This is Hanny.

One day, I started writing. The rest is history.

Beradadisini is is my personal blog. For over a decade, it has always been a safe space for me to have fun and be creative. Writing is my preferred medium to share my journeys, memories, thoughts, and life lessons—in a way that feels most natural and comfortable to me.

On this blog, I mostly write about things that can bring you calm and comfort, give you a burst of courage and creativity, nudge your curiosity, or help you see things with a bit more clarity.


I am an Indonesian author and artist currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My published works include a children’s book (Kisah dari Alor, Bhuana Info Populer, 2016), several short stories (Perempuan yang Melukis Wajah, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2012 and Jika dan Hanya Jika, Gagas Media, 2013), a narrative travel essay (The Journeys 3, Gagas Media, 2013), and an interactive self-help book (The Other Side of Hate is Love, Comma Books, 2019).

I contributed some articles for Thrive Global (2017) and my personal essays have been published by a cultural journal, Garland Magazine, Australia (2020) and by a literary, photography, and creative publication, Postall magazine, vol. 01, Relationships, Mexico (2021).

My poetry was published in the Antologia del Premio Internazionale “Centro Giovani e Poesia Triuggio”, Edizione 29, Italy (Prometheus, 2020).


Today, when I’m not writing or making art, I facilitate creative workshops & retreats related to fiction/non-fiction writing, journaling for self-discovery, art-making for self-expression, mindful storytelling, and personal branding.

My previous work as a Creative Director in a communications consultancy also allows me to continue helping some conscious corporate clients, entrepreneurs & nonprofits in telling their stories, sharpening their communications strategy and digital content, as well as providing various communications training and workshops when necessary.


The happiest moments in my blogging life include: having 5 of my articles being Editor’s Pick-ed on Wordpress, being profiled on WordPress Discover, and meeting Matt Mullenweg, twice!.

Let me know how we can collaborate and do fun stuff together by dropping me a happy email here.

Until then, enjoy the blog!


Hanny illustrator
I am an Indonesian writer and an artist/illustrator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love facilitating writing/creative workshops and retreats, especially when they are tied to self-exploration and self-expression. In Indonesian, 'beradadisini' means being here. So, here I am, documenting life—one word at a time.