How fool … ! I thought THE SWEETEST DAY really exist … !

Probably Italians celebrate it on Oct 14th; I thought. Because on that particular day, Matteo sent me something “sweet, rich, dark, and simply irresistible”: CHOCOLATE … hahaha … what else do you expect? ;p Along with it, he sent me a note saying HAPPY SWEETEST DAY!

Doh, I thought there IS such a celebration in Italy. But when I asked him about it … NO!!! Hahaha, he told me that he made it up … there’s no SWEETEST DAY, either in Italy or anywhere else! “But isn’t it cute if there was such thing as SWEETEST DAY?”, so he said.

Should we celebrate SWEETEST DAY? What should we do during SWEETEST DAY?
Well, OK, let’s see. I imagine that SWEETEST DAY has everything to do with sweets of all kinds. Chocolate, ice cream, candies, lollypops, marshmallows, and of course cotton candies (I just love those pink fluffy stuff). Should we eat something sweet with the sweetest person in our lives? Or send something sweet to these people? Should we wrote a letter to the sweetest person in our lives, tell them the reason why we chose them as our sweetest person, and thanking them for being one?

So sweet!!! SWEETEST DAY could be my favorite day, then! :p

Came to think about it, I guess everyone should be given a freedom to choose for themselves. It’s up to each and everyone of you to celebrate SWEETEST DAY in a certain date, or a certain month–based on your preferences (or probably based on your past memories … hehehe).

When will I celebrate my SWEETEST DAY? Uhm, probably on the 1st of November (based on personal reason, that is ;p) When will you celebrate your SWEETEST DAY? And what will you do on this particular day?


If you made it this, far, please say 'hi'. It really means a lot to me! :)

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This year, I learned to accept the days when I don't feel motivated, tired, or a bit grumpy. I learned to allow myself to sit with this feeling instead of feeling guilty about it and forcing myself to be productive, socialize, or just get things done.
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In the end, self-care is not always about doing the things that make us feel good or give us instant gratification. It's also about doing the RIGHT thing: something that is good for us in the long run—even if it may feel hard at times.
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