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#28HARI started as a collaborative and experimental project between @ndorokakung (Wicaksono) and @beradadisini (Hanny Kusumawati) to write reciprocal prose and publicize it via two different Tumblr page: lelakiku.tumblr.com and perempuanku.tumblr.com. When they wrote this reciprocal prose, they agreed not to decide the flow of the story nor to agree on the story ending. The book has been published by Nulisbuku.com and is available to be ordered online from their site. Indonesian and English edition are wrapped into 1 book. Thanks to @evamuchtar for the beautiful English translation, and @nicowijaya for the wonderful gramophone picture on the cover.

On February 1, a woman wrote a narrative and memories about her beloved. On the very same day, a man wrote a narrative and memories about his beloved. Their journals leave random footprints. Yet somehow they seem intertwined. Who are they? How are they connected? And what happens when their journals end exactly on February 14?

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