#28hari: sneak peek

Rainy afternoon. A package arrived on my desk. And look what’s inside! A mood-lifter! :)

#28hari, a prose-writing collaboration project I’ve worked on last year together with @ndorokakung, was about to transform itself into a book, thanks to @nulisbuku (our publisher) and @evamuchtar (who translated it into English) :D

Excited! ^^

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11 thoughts on “#28hari: sneak peek

  1. Aditya Sani says:

    Hanny, aku mau buku nyaaaaa! please ….. :(

  2. kakaaak, selamat yaaa :) pingin segera punya bukunyaaa >.<

  3. Ann says:

    Hmm..kira-kira tentang apa ya?

  4. mauu.. gimana ya kalo mau pre-order?

  5. mayssari says:

    Selamat ya… Keren abiss!!!!

    Bisa senada seirama gitu sama ndoro…. :)

  6. Blog yang sangat unik, mantap

  7. Rusa says:

    pengen beliiii
    pengen juga dikasih :)

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