Because, Sometimes.

Because, sometimes, we don’t have to figure everything out to start something.

Because, sometimes, not knowing is part of the journey, and knowing how the story ends is merely an unwanted spoiler.

Because, sometimes, striving for perfection only takes the fun out of everything we do.

Because, sometimes, we don’t need to know exactly where we’re going.

Because, sometimes, we just need to be on our way: knowing that we can pack our bag and leave, but also knowing that we can change our destination, or stay longer somewhere, or… we can come home.

Because, sometimes, we don’t have to be able to do and be everything.

Because, sometimes, we can stop, or cry, or get frustrated.

Because, sometimes, we are allowed to feel tired and exhausted.

Because, sometimes, we can give up on some things and slowly pick up the pace to start new ones all over again.

Because, sometimes, we don’t have to aim for success.

Because, sometimes, failing is also an option.

Because, sometimes, we just need to try things out and make mistakes and go back to zero.

Because, sometimes, we don’t have to live the idea of a big flashy life if we’re not resonating with it. 

Because, sometimes, we can live one tiny step at a time: to wake up slowly and smile, to sniff the rainy clouds and serve our simple lunch on a pretty plate, to fall in love and wash the dishes and be goofy, to pluck our brittle nails and laugh at our Pinterest fails.

Now, go cross those sometimes.




Photo by Olia Gozha on Unsplash.

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