Moonlight Dance

Each of us changes when placed next to each other.
We place ourselves, or are placed or paired creating stories,
a new idea, sometimes love.
—Every Atom, a poem in Full Blood by John Siddique

Maybe we were actually dancing back then; but we just didn’t realize it. We were too immersed in our silent conversation as we looked up to the sky, admiring the moonlight, discussing about time: how it flows, stops, jumps, elongates, stretches, switches… and how it flutters. Just like the words we uttered that day, the alphabets we managed to decipher (they shone above our heads like a thousand of fireflies), the meanings behind each gesture we struggled to understand. Nonetheless, we hovered around each other like a-pair-of-lovers-wannabe, dancing under the moonlight.

Your words led my steps; my words followed your lead. Your incomplete sentences spun me around, we moved in circles, our hands were tangled together as I felt myself being swept off my feet. For a moment, there was a distance between us, but then you drew me closer and took me in your arms again as we continued to talk; without a pause; until the break of dawn. You talked about the universe that envelope us, I talked about poetry that set us free. You talked about the future, I talked about the past. But here we were, two souls, fluttering in the present: one, two, three, step, one, two, three, step.

I want my moonlight dance.

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