Just because some people are smiling in a cheerful-looking way, it doesn’t mean that they live an easy life. Just because some people look depressed and carrying around a huge black cloud on top of their head everywhere they go, it doesn’t mean that they live the most miserable life.

Everyone has got their own problems. My problems are not bigger than yours, yours are not bigger than mine. To think of my problems as something that’s bigger-than-yours or yours as bigger-than-mine is such a selfish thought.

But no matter how fucked-up your life could be, it’s you—and only you who could decide:

You can wail around—screaming and crying until your eyes popped-out from the socket, like the image of that girl in Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. You can drink a bottle of Southern Comfort to comfort you or curse with your mouth shut. Or you can listen to angry songs on your iPod in maximum volume while sipping a cup of hot coffee in a cafe somewhere, smiling to the passers-by.

And whatever you do, whatever you choose, I won’t judge you. Because that, too, is selfish. And I’m not into fishy stuff.


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  1. Mba Han… baru kali ini comment, pdhl udah lama jadi silent reader nya blog ini… i like this post…(too) much 😉 keep writing mba… i like the way you write …

  2. hi, bonnie! kenapa jadi silent reader, cerewet dooong 😀 hihihihi thanks for becoming a not-so-silent reader this time 😉 *hugs*

  3. tampilan baru ya? seger bener 🙂

    bersyukur untuk tiap masalah. semoga itu bisa mendewasakan. setuju sama saya, mbak?
    hehe. i was a silent reader too 🙂

    1. hore, silent reader-ku bersuara semua skrg :p betul, tiap masalah mendewasakan kita 🙂 jika dihadapi dengan lapang dada 😉 *amin*

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This year, I learned to accept the days when I don't feel motivated, tired, or a bit grumpy. I learned to allow myself to sit with this feeling instead of feeling guilty about it and forcing myself to be productive, socialize, or just get things done.
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In the end, self-care is not always about doing the things that make us feel good or give us instant gratification. It's also about doing the RIGHT thing: something that is good for us in the long run—even if it may feel hard at times.
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