Life is about chances you’ll never get back (Dawson’s Creek)

Ferris WheelThe guy you’re with (or the guy you fall into at a certain period of time) describes who you are, the emotional state you are in; and portrays in which stages you are in life.

I’ve come to the day when I realized that I don’t want a roller-coaster ride. That I’m tired of the emotional ups-and-downs, or an endless love-and-hate relationship, and I no longer fall for jerks or bad boys in the name of (mythical) ‘opposite attraction’.

At this stage of my life, I just want to be in a Ferris wheel.

The ups-and-downs were certain–it runs in such a smooth cycle that you don’t fall into pieces or scream like a mad woman. It’s still and calm, soothing and relaxing. And the more similarities I share with the guy I’m with, the more comfortable the relationship would be.


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  1. you’re right hanny, at the end, we want the calm and safe trip, not the one that fly you high and bump you hard to the ground afterward. so, have you found that one?

    unfortunately, I haven’t πŸ™‚ wish me luck! but I believe you have, haven’t you? xixixixi, so congratulations, darling. you have gone through the ups-and-downs and now it’s your time to be happy, calm, and still. enjoy the soothing and relaxing ride. salam untuk cintamu πŸ˜‰ *peluk*

  2. but that roller coaster ride is what we called “life”, Han.. It’s unpredictable, full of surprise. I thought life with that ferris wheel ride would be boring :mrgreen:

    1. @chic: there were times in my life when I (actually, until a few weeks ago, I have always) wanted that roller coaster ride. but what I need (and want) at the moment is the still and relaxing Ferris wheel, with its less-chaotic ups-and-downs. maybe I’ve had enough of those unpredictability and surprises (both pleasant and non-pleasant ones). and at this stage of my life, I just wanna chill…

  3. i want both… roller coaster ride and relaxing Ferris wheel…

    tentu saja dalam waktu yg berbeda… masing2 punya tantangan dan sensasi yang berbeda… πŸ™‚

  4. … of course, it’ll be a bit ‘boring’ compared to the roller coaster. you’ll need time to adjust to the speed πŸ™‚

    but from my personal experience, it’s not a problem at all :D. i’m enjoying my ferris wheel now!

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