Me: I think you’re right. Remember? The day I told you that I still want to believe in love and you told me that there’s no such thing? Love, I mean.

You: Uhm… you know what? Actually, when I said that there’s no such thing, I lied.


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  1. Somehow when it comes to love, I don’t know how to define it, is it a blessing or a burden, until a lady called me ‘chicken’ then I know it’s something that only needs an expression and action, however in the early of 2009 I’ve just said for the first time in my life, even though it was not a good result, I did it, I said it, thanks for all the ‘love’ posts Hanny it does inspire me…

  2. @wazeen: there’s nothing wrong by expressing it, really! the most important thing is that you’ve tried, thus you know the result, and then (hopefully) you can move on! at least, you have no regrets! 🙂 *hugs* wish u all the best in 2009! 🙂

  3. langsung ke bukumuka setelah baca komen di atas, mau liat status, hehehehe… 😀

    oh ya, met taon baru ya, met mulai kerja lagi (udah kerja lagi kan ya? jgn2 masih liburan nih?)

    tahun baru, memberikan optimisme baru 🙂 udah kerja lagi, kok, her, nanti akhir Januari baru liburan lagi 😀

  4. wah ganti themes ya… Hmm.. themesnya mengingatkan saya akan… kekasih gelap :p

    kekasih gelap? kok saya jadi trauma dengar kata itu?

  5. @may, iya nih, belum sempat ke solo. ada perubahan rencana, beberapa hal menyebabkan saya harus bepergian dulu ke tempat lain dan jadwal ke solo masih terpending untuk entah berapa lama 🙁

  6. *peluk Hanny*
    koq themes-nya ganti? lebih suka yang lama…

    aku juga kangen utet 🙂 themes-nya ganti? gak apa-apa, sih… kan tahun baru, hehehe, abis themes hemingway yang lama gak widget-friendly, siiih 🙁

  7. @wazeen.. well, at least you’ve given a shot. correct me if i’m wrong, love thrives on unlikely circumstance and chance, doesnt it?

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