Lying sick in my bed from Wednesday throughout last weekend, my bedroom had turned into a small clinic. There were glasses of hot water, tea, and Swiss Miss chocolate, bottles of orange juice and vitamin C, a carton of UHT milk, biscuits and fruit pies, pills and tablets of all kinds, aspirin and peppermint syrup, thermometer, extra blankets …

On Wednesday and Thursday I practically couldn’t do anything beside sleeping and eating, because whenever I opened my eyes, this terrible headache struck me. I spent those days sleeping like a log. I slept from 6 am to 10 am, woke up to wash my face, ate a little this and that, and got back to sleep from 12 to 5 pm, had dinner, and got back to sleep at 9. When I was awaken by a loud voice or something and I couldn’t get back to sleep, I turned on the TV as a mean of entertainment; but I muted the volume because the sound made my headache worse.

The high fever persisted until Saturday, but the headache ended on Friday morning—good news! I spent the whole weekend snuggling in my bed, burning jasmine incense while finishing Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, Rilke’s Letters to A Young Poet, and Steven Johnson’s Everything Bad Is Good For You.

Ah, so sad. Actually I’ve planned to giggle and have fun during my night out with the Mavs on Friday: having dinner, go-carting, and clubbing at Embassy. I heard the go-carting part didn’t go as planned since it was raining heavily (my luck!) hehehe.

Anyway, I was about to SMS Yasha on Friday, asking him if Joko Anwar would come to our sharing session that afternoon. But I decided not to do so. I was afraid that Yasha would answer my SMS with a YES, and broke my heart in an instant. I came to the office this morning and found out that Joko’s sharing session would be rescheduled. What a relief! Don’t you dare to throw a sharing session with Joko if I’m not around, ya! Just access our Google calendar to find out my available schedule hehehe ;p



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  1. erwin – hehehehe benar sekali! ;p hwah, tapi mudah-mudahan gak sakit lagi deh 🙁 bosaaaaannnn di tempat tidur melulu …

  2. dan tubuhmu mengaduh: beri saya waktu istirahat, aku ingin leyeh-leyeh sejenak 😉

    jaga kesehatan ya
    banyak minum air putih

  3. atta – makasih atta! 🙂 muah muah

    erwin – saya juga bingung … kayaknya saya gak mungkin juga nge-post 17 entries baru dalam sehari hehehe

  4. aku tau, google.reader ku baca posting lama dari blog ini sebagai entri baru… nah itu tanggalnya di reader ku september 2006..


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