Admiring someone could be dangerous … (not to mention the danger of being a huge fan of someone!).

The fact is, when we’re admiring someone, we have expectations upon that particular person. We admire him because we perceive him to be better than us. We perceive him somehow almost perfect. Sometimes we admire someone because they inspire us to do something. Or they simply brighten our days through their music/movies/writings … anything! Sometimes we’re being shallow by admiring someone just because of their good looks … hehehe :p

Frankly speaking,
I guess now I know the reason why people tend to admire someone they don’t really “know”. We admire those well-known figures who don’t know us (they don’t even know that we’re alive!).

And the most important part is: we don’t really know who they really are as well!!!

It’s hard to admire someone you know well because when you know someone so well, you’ll see the fact that nobody’s perfect. That everyone lacks of something. That everyone has their own dark sides that they’re trying to hide perfectly.

Once, I was really into this person … being a big fan of him. My world circles around him. He seemed to be almost perfect. He is handsome and talented, famous but considerate, such a gentle and humble star, an open-minded and idealistic figure, a romantic husband, a father who loves his family … until I got to know him better … and found out that he was cheating on his wife.

Hmm, I’m still a big fan of him, actually. Partially, I guess :p I got wiser in admiring someone. Came to think about it, we should not admire SOMEONE. We should admire some special qualities posessed by that someone. Don’t you think?

Well, this is just another weird thoughts of mine … since today had been such a weird day as well.


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