Maybe it’s true, that our past doesn’t define us. But inevitably, our past will always be a part of our present; and our future. It’s something that will always stay within us, for the better or worse. And this is definitely alright–as long as we have no regret.

We have made mistakes, or done things we are not proud of. We have been hurt badly. We failed many times. We thought we could not move on–that it was impossible to feel alright ever again. However, surprisingly, we always see ourselves eventually moving on, just because. For some it takes months, for some it takes years. Maybe we will be able to move on when we have stopped fighting the past and decided to make peace with it instead. Knowing that it’s alright to forgive without forgetting–as long as we can choose wisely the things we’d want to remember. We choose to remember the lessons instead of carrying around the pain. We choose to remember the feeling of recovering instead of the feeling of despair.

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In the end, we are made of memories. Good ones, bad ones, uplifting ones, embarrassing ones. And all our lives, we have also left pieces of memories inside those we’ve crossed paths with–some of them might have long gone and forgotten, some will always feel close to our hearts. We will never be sure about how things will turn out, about whether we’re going to make a courageous bold move instead of another stupid mistake. So, let’s just don’t think about it too much. For the time being, these are the only things we can do: being present in the now, seizing the moments before they pass us by, and collecting memories. Loads and loads of memories worth remembering.

Because memories are what we all made of, and we are still going to carry them with us for many many years to come.


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  1. aku memiliki sedikitnya kelemahan dalam mengerti bahasa inggris.
    karenanya, aku selalu berusaha membaca tulisan teteh dengan lantang bersuara.
    SUpaya aku mau bersabar memaknai rangkaian katanya.
    Pada dasarnya, kosa kata teteh sangat mudah, sederhana, dan berulang dengan tegas.
    Tapi aku terkejut, setiap rangkaian kata. Setiap runutan kalimat, Teteh selalu bisa membuatku mengiyakan, merasa terinspirasi, dan merasakan nikmat positif.

    Tulisan ini luar biasa. Setiap kata yang keluar, adalah persuasi yang seharusnya bisa kusimpan erat erat. Bahkan jika beruntung, seharusnya aku bisa membagi semangatnya tulisan ini kepada mnimal satu orang.
    Terimakasih teteh untuk tulisan kerennya. ^_^

  2. Aduh, terima kasih banyak juga sudah menyempatkan mampir dan membaca, juga meninggalkan komen yang membuat aku bersyukur atas hari ini 🙂 Ini kejutan yang menyenangkan di malam hari, membuatku tersenyum sebelum tidur 🙂 Sekali lagi, terima kasih banyak :’)

  3. I want to remember the memories and forget the pain. Perhaps an angel will reveal my steps forward. I am lost in the darkness and do not hold faith that light emits outward from my being.

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