I got mail from Hertfordshire today! ^^

Astrid is a design student, a designer, and a talented artist. Today, I found out that she is also a talented writer.

We first crossed path via Twitter, when I featured one of her drawings, and then we connected via Facebook, started to read each others’ blog, and left messages via the comments section. I think we connected in so many ways, especially because we’re one of those old souls—who appreciate “old things” like a piece of hand-written letter, a typewriter, or an old book. Astrid’s wonderful drawings, paintings and illustrations have also drawn me to her, especially because I had just started drawing again a few weeks before we bumped into each other on the Net. So, to me, she is something like… a sign, or a tutor, probably (and of course, a very dear friend).

I sent her a small card last month, and this morning I found her mail on my working desk. Inside the summer-looking envelope, there were a bookmark with my name on it, a drawing of owls, and 3 pages of illustrated hand-written letters. I was the happiest girl on earth!

This is my favourite paragraph from her letter. So beautiful, I got teary eyes while reading it! :’)



Today I’m sitting in a garden on campus, and enjoying some lovely British sunshine. There are bees buzzing around me as I sit under a cherry blossom tree in full flower, just as spring ordered. I love they way of the weather here, I all too often hear people complaining about the rain, I wish they could look past it wetting their shoes as they scurry about with their umbrellas. There are so many things worse to worry or be concerned about in life. For I love the way rain falls for days, blessing the earth as intended, and then a day like today appears and it makes all the rain worthwhile. I love to sit here and share that—I have no doubt you will agree, we are emotional beings. With rain we have our tears, with sunshine comes a silver lining. We need both.



Happy Friday, lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend!


3 Responses

  1. Ouhhh.. i like thats letter… I like drawing 🙂
    Well, may be I can send some letter to you?
    Can i get your number or code pos? (kode pos)
    I want to writte some letter to you 🙂

    btw, what your name in facebook? I want to be your friends in facebook 🙂

  2. Dearest Hanny, I read this a couple days ago, but haven’t yet written a comment here. You absolutely made my day to see you liked what I wrote about the “Rain” despite my letter being a little “all over the place” I had so much fun writing to you, its like visiting a spa to sit down and write letters, so refreshing and so rewarding. I will be posting your next letter hopefully before I leave the UK, otherwise expect the next stamps to come straight from Cape Town. I absolutely love your book that you sent me and your writing. All my love xx

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