There were times in life when love took off, leaving you behind. No matter how careful you’ve been, it seems like there’s always something that manages to slip through the cracks. All of a sudden, love—the love you think you’ve known so well, had gone. And there, you were left alone: sad, depressed, confused, angry, disappointed, brokenhearted…

You kept on questioning what went wrong, when things started to crumble, how come you didn’t notice the signs earlier. And there were moments when you felt as if this was the end of it. That you won’t be able to forget the one who left, that you won’t be able to love again, that you would never feel the same way about someone new ever again, that you won’t be able to move on.

But the truth is: love (like everything else), too, shall pass. It might take an excruciating 6 months, a year, five years, or even fifteen to fifty years, but it’ll pass. Either you’re moving on because you feel like the time has come, or because it’s the only thing you can do to survive, it really doesn’t matter. It. Will. Pass. At one time gently, leaving lovely memories; other times painfully, leaving scars you’ll bring along with you through life.

But life is always full of endings and beginnings.

One day, you’ll wake up in the morning realizing that your pillow is no longer damp from last night’s tears; understanding that this is it. This is the day when you’ve let love pass through you, to let it transform and give life to something new. Something fresh. Something yet unknown—some love that is still waiting for you at the other side of hope.


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  1. I have the same faith about it, han. This is only one phase of life and someday we will laughing it. Thank for remind me to be strong 🙂

  2. @ladeva: and most of the times, we’re stronger than we think 🙂 and yes, I believe that we need reminders 😉 that’s why we have our friends around us 🙂 *hope your heart will get better soon*

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