It took a 1.5-hour boat ride to reach Sugi Island from Sekupang Harbor in Batam. The weather was nice, sunny and breezy. I climbed down into the boat with my bestfriend, Nena, and off we went! Our destination: Telunas Beach Resort, an eco-friendly resort built by 3 Americans (Mike, Brad, Eric) who fell in love with the beauty of Sugi Island.

The boat was loaded with groceries. There they were: our food for the next few days! There’s no village in Sugi Island, and really, there’s nothing apart from the Beach Resort. Those who ‘stay’ in the island are those working for the resort; mostly locals from islands nearby. So, it was pretty much us, the resort, and the whole island for yourself!

Apart from myself and Nena, plus Robby and Elsa (Telunas Beach Resort’s hosts), there were 2 other families with us: Australians and Dutch. Robby told us that the island and the resort are more popular to international tourists. Students from Singapore, Korea, and Japan also pay a visit every year for their summer camp.

“International tourists are mostly looking for an escape like this,” said Robby. “So close to the nature, no electricity, no air-conditioner, no jet-ski… maybe domestic tourists are looking for a more lavish holiday.”

Upon arrival, you need to climb out from the boat, and then climb a wooden ladder to the front deck. And just take a look at the gorgeous view! During high-tide, you can run and jump from the deck into the water, and swim with the fish!

The ‘common room’ includes a dining room and a living room; you share this room with everybody else who are staying in the resort. In an hour or two, you’ll find yourselves exchanging smiles, laughter, and then starting a friendly conversation with everyone.

Since we arrived at noon, we’re greeted by lunch-time! And it was a delicious parade of honey-roasted chicken, baby-corn and mushroom, and fresh watermelon! The taste was just… amazing!

The ‘ibu’ who cooked our meal is a local from an island nearby. For 2 weeks, she stayed in Batam, in the house of Telunas Resort owner. The owner’s wife taught her how to cook Western food! And the food we attacked that day was SUPER-YUMMY! Really! The ‘ibu’ should be opening a restaurant here in Jakarta—and I’ll be her regular.

[Telunas Beach Resort, Batam]

(Did you notice how they cut the watermelon? So thoughtful; that they actually gave a ‘handle’ to the watermelon! :D)

And what’s better than enjoying a cup of coffee after lunch, accompanied by this stunning view ๐Ÿ™‚ All day long, tea, coffee, milk, and hot water are available for free in the common room. Heaven!

Telunas ‘wooden’ Beach Resort was built in 2004, and 90% of the compound stood above sea water. There’s no electricity in Sugi Island, so the Beach Resort functioned with generators. No air-conditioner, but really, I don’t see any reason on why you’ll need one. The sea breeze is too refreshing! ๐Ÿ™‚ What I admired the most from the resort is its cleanliness. The room smells fresh and airy, bed-sheet is spotless, the wooden floor is amazingly clean, the bathroom works well and odor-free. Lovely.

But what’s best than having the beach for your own? When there were only you and 2 other families in the island, you’d feel as if you’re in a private beach. And again, it was one of the best beach I’ve ever seen. The sand was so clean, so white, so soft! No trace of plastic bottles or other trashes as far as the eye can see. It was just wonderful!

And what about this private-view of the sunset? ๐Ÿ™‚

Apart from enjoying the white sand, reading a book or magazine while lying down in the hammock, and pampering yourself with a bath in the sea, you can also spend your time in Telunas playing volley ball, going on a kayak ride, or lighting up the campfire and baking pizza. In the morning, you can have your ‘jungle walk’ and for the more adventurous, you can also camp in the jungle! There’s also a black-hole drop inside the jungle, where you can jump from the height and dive into the pool of cold water. And don’t worry, there’s no mosquitoes in Telunas!

And you hear me, Telunas? I’ll be back—I promise, and this time: for a week getaway! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Maverick, for the free trip! Am looking forward to my next all-expense-paid holiday!^^


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    1. ayo pergi, chichiii! bagus bangeeeettt! aku pengen balik lagiii! ๐Ÿ˜€ bener-bener liburan menyepi sih kalo di sana ๐Ÿ˜€ jadi agak hemat juga karena ga bisa belanja, kecuali mau belanja ikan segar di pulau sebelah XD

    1. apa kabarnya mas?moga sehat,pernah mau singgah ke telunas selesai mancing ke rukau,tgl 050513,tapi teman2 lebih memilih singgah di moro ,,kapan2 pasti singgah,

      1. wah, salut. sayah sih seringnya menlabjai ke blog orang. ninggalin eh menitip tulisan buat dibaca. semoga kita bisa mengobrol lebih dari sekedar pengunjung blog (alias sisaan Blog Walking..) hohoho salam hangat : cemputh

  1. menawan dan mempesona dan menenangkan itu ada di telunas,,,tapi mencari pengalaman baru itu tantangan yang lebih utama,,,

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