Saya ndak tahu apakah nona ini sudah pernah mendengar mengapa alat komunikasinya yang baru itu dinamai BlackBerry, bukan StrawBerry misalnya (seperti alat komunikasi saya)–atau BlueBerry (seperti alat komunikasi Chika).

Katanya, sebenarnya nama itu diambil dari buah strawberry–salah satu buah favorit saya, yang sebenarnya lebih suka saya pandangi dan pajang di atas kulkas daripada saya makan (tapi kalau di-jus enak sekali, saya suka) 😀

RIM settled on the name “BlackBerry” only after weeks of work by Lexicon Branding Inc., the Sausalito, California-based firm that named Intel Corp.’s Pentium microprocessor and Apple’s PowerBook. One of the naming experts at Lexicon thought the miniature buttons on RIM’s product looked “like the tiny seeds in a strawberry,” Lexicon founder David Placek says. “A linguist at the firm thought straw was too slow sounding. Someone else suggested blackberry. RIM went for it.”[8] Previously the device was called LeapFrog, alluding to the technology leaping over the current competition, and its placeholder name during brainstorm was the PocketLink. The plural form of “BlackBerry” is “BlackBerrys.” [Wikipedia]

Oh, begitu…


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  1. @gage: wah, membingungkan. saya tak tahu. harusnya punyamu itu namanya oldberry, ge. atau omberry? hehehe 😀

    @didut: hwahahahahaha, berryberry 😀 *amit-amit ah* 😉

    @ndoro: makasih, saya memang lucu, ndoro … hehehe tapi biar ga terlalu narsis ditulisnya HoneyBerry aja 😀 *najis tralala*

    @mbilung: wooo pak dhe… pancen oye!

    @hedi: hehehe. kalo buat dimakan saya lebih milih rawon, meski sama-sama hitam 😀

    @atta: huuu sayang belum punya, atta… hihihi atta punya, yah? cieh cieh suit suit *towel towel atta*

    @ck: BlueBerry-mu kayaknya udah aktif banget tuh, Chik! 😀


    Sent from my StrawBerry® careless device

  2. Oh begitu tho ceritanya
    Sungguh nambah pengetahuan saya
    Btw, sudahkan nonton Kungfu Panda?
    Ada Gembul lho berada di sana…

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device (which is exactly like Zam‘s wireless device)

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