Do you think fiction are suffering from unexplainable coincidences? Do you think movies are full of exaggerated romanticism? Well, let me tell you something. Sometimes, real life is crazier than fiction!!! Take into account these experiences of my own:

1. My first year in highschool, and I had a crush on this guy. A senior. But he already had a girfriend back then, and I could only admire him from far away. We have never talked to each other. A few years later, I was in my last year in highschool. I myself had become a senior. And then I bumped into these guy’s friends in a mall. At that time they were already in college. I was with my friend, and my friend knew his friends. I got introduced to his friends, then we had a chat through MIRC, and in the chatting room, I met this guy I had a crush on! It turned out that he had broken up with his girl. And two months after that, he asked me to become his girlfriend …

2. I was a huge fan of this well-known drummer during highschool. I wish one day I could get a bit closer to him. Years passed by, and just a few days ago, I bumped into my lecturer’s husband in Yahoo! Messenger. He was a manager in my old office (another form of coincidence). At first, he asked my opinion to edit a certain passage in English. I was curious about this passage–trying to find the meaning behind those sentences. And then suddenly he said,”Would you like to know who wrote that passage?”. I said,”Sure. Hit me.”. And he mentioned the name of that well-known drummer! It turned out that he was in charge for the launching of this drummer’s new album!!!

3. Sounds ironic that a PR person admire an advertising guy. Well, I admire creative people, and this advertising guy was a creative director for one of the biggest advertising agency in town. One day, I worked with a small agency for a specific purpose. After two or three meetings, I found out that this advertising guy I admired is actually the Creative Director in this new small agency! To add up the weirdness: my colleagues in the office had a crush on a girl, and he heard a gossip that this girl is dating this Creative Director!!!

Recent one:
4. I was in QB, walking through the shelves … went through each book: the title, the author, the synopsis … and flipped through the pages of some books I found interesting. And then I noticed the presence of a cute guy. I overheard his conversation with the shopkeeper, he was looking for an advertising book of some sort. He was standing nearby, reading some advertising books. And I thought it would be perfect if we could get to know each other and went downstairs to have some coffee. Hehehe. It didn’t happen. We were queuing next to each other at the cashier, but he left the shop before me. I went downstairs to have a cup of coffee on my own, and then I went straight to the lobby. A friend of mine would pick me up at the lobby. He was just hanging around with his friends at the same shopping mall. As I hopped in to the backseat of my friends’ car, I was shocked to find that guy, sitting right there with QB plastic bags, smiling!!! My friend’s friend who sat in the front turned back at me and said: “Han, let me introduce you to my brother …” — *What?!!!*

Have you ever experienced a moment which is more peculiar than fiction?!!


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  1. Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

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