The Pinecone Trip to Mount Salak, Bogor

The foot of Mount Salak is only an hour drive away from home, and it provides a wonderful escape from town–or from the now-too-packed Puncak Pass area.

Mount Salak, Bogor

I always find it comforting, to be surrounded by greeneries, enveloped by silence, only to catch the faint sounds of birds, cicadas, and waterfalls. I ran away here one afternoon a few weeks ago with a friend, Martijn. A few slices of yellow watermelons, a pack of grapes, a carton of fruit juice, and Susan Wooldrigde’s Poemcrazy book were resting nicely inside my flowery canvas bag. My head was still spinning with the beautiful words from the book. I remembered one line where Wooldridge quoted Gary Snyde: poetry has an interesting function; it helps people be where they are. And suddenly, my world was bursting with pinecones, the smell of the leaves and the wet soil, the shape of the rocks, the changing colors of the sky…


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 12.58.40 PM

Mount Salak, Bogor

Martijn Ravesloot

Mount Salak, Bogor

I was sitting on a rock; dipping my toes into the flowing river, while Martijn went underneath the waterfalls. I was thinking about everything that had happened in my life lately: about hellos and farewells, and how curious was it that I kept stumbling upon random people who brought ‘messages’ for me and answered some questions I have pondered upon for a while through simple conversations.




Mount Salak, Bogor

I once wrote inside my black travel notebook: what if we think of everyone we meet on our journey as a messenger? What if we don’t bump into them coincidentally? What if they were sent to tell us something, to deliver a message, a lesson… what difference would it make if we stop, say hello, glance a smile, and make that connection? Don’t you think it would make you feel like you are never alone in this world? That every step you make is another chance to learn new life lessons? That everyone of us is, in one and another way, carry ‘The Prophet‘ inside, like that of Gibran’s?

Mount Salak, Bogor


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 1.27.54 PM

Mount Salak, Bogor

Last evening, a girl on Twitter sent me a direct message, and asked, out of the blue, “What should I do when the person I care about decided to disappear?” and I found myself typing away: just pray for them to be alright, and to be happy. Maybe I was talking to myself or hearing myself asking the same question to my other self; this could be more complicated than understanding the flower petals and Fibonacci numbers–but such ‘creepy’ or amazingly coincidental things happened more often in my life lately (oh well, I never believed in coincidences anyway). When I came to think about it, I guess even our prayers (or wishes) define who we are and how we see the world. If you do believe that prayers have such a vast amount of energy that will resonate to the universe and being echoed back to you, you would want to recite beautiful prayers, wouldn’t you?

Mount Salak, Bogor

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 12.59.22 PM


14 Comments on “The Pinecone Trip to Mount Salak, Bogor”

  1. ladeva says:

    I’m thinking soon or later, your quote about travelling will be famous in Tumblr :P

  2. ah mbak hanny, sore-sore ini bikin saya galau >.< tentang inspirasi "what if-nya"

  3. maran.tina says:

    mba hanny, this place is open for public or not? :D Titip salam ya sama yang nemenin ke Gunung Salak. :p

    • Buka, kok :D Kamu bisa telepon ke Vila Botani –, minta antar keliling sama Pak Jai di 0251-9790811 atau 0888-1016075, mereka ada resort sama bungalow juga, tapi kalau kamu nggak mau nginep juga nggak apa-apa, bisa istirahat aja di bungalow-nya kalau lagi nggak ada tamu :D

  4. DebbZie says:

    Glad I found this beautiful blog. Salam kenal yaaaaa :)
    Minta ijin jalan2 di sini :p

  5. Tina Latief says:

    what’s the name of the flower above? curious…
    padahal aku deket sama bogor, tapi belum jalan2 ke sini…

    • Di sini kita kenal dengan nama bunga terompet. Kalau nggak salah nama Latinnya Brugmansia aurea. Kabarnya bunga ini mengandung zat halusinogen, jadi kalau dikonsumsi bisa bikin ‘high’ :P Jadi jangan digigitin, ya :D

  6. Lovely pictures and post ;)

  7. cissyblue says:

    Hello Hanny dear, the last shot of the pines, looking up into them, so beautiful, reminds me totally of my home… good to know home is everywhere! :) Love, Light & Peace, little traveller!

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