Writing is my meditation, and in this special page, you’ll find some posts related to writers, writing tips, and writing life! So, here we go:

  • BEHIND THE PAGES collects my interviews with writers, as a means to dig deeper into their writing and creation process, their themes and ideas, as well as their daily lives (which may pop-up in their stories from time to time!).
  • ARTICLES ABOUT WRITING is exactly that–some of my posts related to writing, writing tips, and writing life. Pretty self-explanatory!
  • If you’re interested in joining my writing retreat and workshops, wait for the latest updates by following @writingtable or visit www.writingtable.club. WritingTable is a pop-up writing class aimed to promote the love of writing and telling stories. Encouraging everyone to play around with words, memories, feelings, and narratives, the classes and sessions are presented in a relaxed and lively manner. Contact us for more details (or to arrange your private writing sessions) at [email protected].

Let’s write! 🙂

Leave your traces here. I want to hear :)

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