My 100 List

(made in: 2012 / last updated: January 2022)

These are some of the things I’d like to do in life, compiled from my previous diaries (dated back to like 20 years ago) with some new additions/changes (because I changed!)… and some of them had been accomplished! 😀 55 out of 100. More to go!

  1. Writing a novel
  2. Writing a travelogue
  3. Being a regular in a small coffee shop/cafe I love
  4. Getting published – done
  5. Going for a road trip on a van with someone (who drives because I don’t) for a month – done in 2017
  6. Learning how to swim in the pool – done (still not a good swimmer, though)
  7. Learning how to swim in the sea – done
  8. Learning how to fly a fighter jet/helicopter – done in 2015 (thanks for the simulator experience, Eurofighter!)
  9. Having a friend who is a secret agent
  10. Traveling alone somewhere – done
  11. Making quirky movies 
  12. Having a song I wrote sung by a professional singer
  13. Dancing barefoot on a hill, underneath the stars
  14. Wearing bikini – done
  15. Kissing a fellow traveler – done
  16. Dancing with a total stranger at a party – done in Paris
  17. Partying all night until morning comes – done
  18. Baking red-velvet cake – done
  19. Taking an advanced course in cooking 
  20. Being a barista
  21. Being a bartender
  22. Learning how to ride a bicycle – done in 2017
  23. Learning how to give Thai massage – done in 2015 (actually it’s a mixture of Thai, Swedish, and Balinese massage)
  24. Making out under the stars – done
  25. Having a late-night conversation with a total stranger – done
  26. Kissing someone inside a bookstore – done 🙂 first one to be crossed out in 2014! 😀
  27. Living inside a wonderful bookshop for a month
  28. Being a shopkeeper in a small artsy shop abroad
  29. Writing a song – done
  30. Facilitating a 1-week conscious creative retreat in a beautiful place on a tropical island
  31. Attending an island-wedding party – done (thank you, Nila!)
  32. Going on a cruise – done (a Phinisi cruise!)
  33. Snorkeling – done
  34. Jumping from the heights – done
  35. Experiencing sky diving – done (indoor version)
  36. Wearing deep bright red lipstick – done
  37. Coloring my hair pink/purple – done (purple)
  38. Being a photographer – done
  39. Living in a wood cabin in the mountain for 1 month
  40. Living in a tropical house with a vegetable garden
  41. Jumping into a pool full of marshmallows
  42. Learning how to make jewelry
  43. Learning how to sew
  44. Make my own dresses, tops, and pants/skirts
  45. Learning basic Russian – done
  46. Learning basic Italian – done
  47. Learning basic Spanish – done
  48. Learning how to paint patterns/illustrations with watercolor
  49. Doing an art/writing residency program
  50. Run a 10K
  51. Traveling light for more than 2 weeks with only one travel bag – done
  52. Greeted by the locals on a first-name basis when traveling – done
  53. Having a solo art exhibition in a beautiful gallery
  54. Curating a shelf in a bookshop with my lifetime-favorite books
  55. Climbing a tree – done
  56. Experiencing a hangover – done
  57. Appearing on TV/magazine/newspapers – done
  58. Picnic-dating by the beach or in the park – done in 2015 (Vondelpark, yeah! Thanks, D *kisses*)
  59. Learning Latin dances – done in 2015
  60. Running/launching a co-creating space
  61. Coming back to a European city abroad I once visited – done
  62. Learning how to roller skate
  63. Handing out a poem I wrote to a total stranger – done
  64. Dancing in a club barefooted – done
  65. Publishing my art zines
  66. Paying the bill for a stranger at the next table
  67. Publishing a poetry book
  68. Getting my work published in other countries/languages – done, in Italian, and in a publication from Mexico.
  69. Learning how to play hang drum
  70. Meeting someone I know online who lives abroad – done
  71. Traveling across Indonesia and visiting all the big islands – done in 2015
  72. Going on a 1-week Zen retreat in Japan
  73. Feeding the fish in the sea – done
  74. Sleeping in the outdoors, underneath the sky – done in 2015 (missing Sawendui!)
  75. Publishing an anthology of letters
  76. Climbing into the top of a lighthouse – done
  77. Flying a long-distance flight, first-class
  78. Climbing into a treehouse
  79. Learning how to play billiard – done in 2017
  80. Growing a potted plant – done
  81. Working with teenagers who are interested in exploring and embracing their creativity
  82. Live in an ashram/monastery for a week – done
  83. Going for a blind date – done
  84. Kissing under the rain – done, thanks for this, M! #Ubud
  85. Smoking a cigarette – done, twice, and still don’t like it
  86. Trying acupuncture – done
  87. Speaking fluent Italian (conversational)
  88. Going to a drive-in cinema
  89. Learning pole dancing
  90. Seeing the Northern Lights
  91. Having an artist studio with plenty of space and loads of natural light
  92. Going hiking – done
  93. Camper-van trip in New Zealand
  94. Publishing an illustrated children’s book – done
  95. Visiting Bora-bora
  96. Hosting pop-up dining where people can eat what I cook and tell their life stories
  97. Skinny dipping 
  98. Watching a meteor shower
  99. Speaking at an international literary festival
  100. Being an artist-in-residence in a beautiful resort for 3 months (inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel)


Hanny illustrator
I am an Indonesian writer/artist/illustrator and stationery web shop owner (Cafe Analog) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love facilitating writing/creative workshops and retreats, especially when they are tied to self-exploration and self-expression. In Indonesian, 'beradadisini' means being here. So, here I am, documenting life—one word at a time.