Meet The Writer

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 6.32.55 PMHi, I’m Hanny.

I write. I cook. I read. I bake. I draw. I sing. I dance. I snap pictures. I laugh (a lot). I do stupid things. I make goofy jokes.

I love traveling alone to foreign lands and playing tourist in my hometown. I travel with notebooks and pens. The further or the longer I go, the more notebooks and pens I’ll carry with me. In the cities I visit, usually I will just stroll around listlessly, no destination in mind, while taking pictures of everything until I find places I like. These are the places where I will sit for hours: writing, drawing, painting, reading, daydreaming, talking to strangers, or watching the passers-by. I don’t mind skipping landmarks and tourist attractions, but I’ll be heartbroken shall I miss bookstores, coffee shops, or flea markets. I love to take pictures of plants, animals, doors, windows, and hanging laundries.

On the plane, usually I sleep.
Cross-legged (the perks of being short).

I can be contacted via beradadisini at gmail dot com.

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