Meet The Writer


This is Hanny.

I am based in Indonesia, and like to call Bogor and Ubud my hometowns! When I’m not traveling, most of the times, you can find me there.

I am a writer and a Managing Editor of a user-generated content website on wellness and mindful living.

I also facilitate workshops and trainings related to writing and creating creative contents. The pop-up writing class I co-founded in 2016 has delivered classes to over 1,000 students and several corporate clients.

I worked as a Creative Director in a communications consultancy before, and I am still assisting some old and new clients in various trainings and workshops related to communications; both online and offline. I also create campaign ideas and strategies for some brands/personalities I like.

However, these days, my happy working days consist of doing copywriting works (ebooks, how-to books, articles, fiction and nonfiction), teaching, building communities, and producing meaningful contents.

This blog is my personal space to have fun and be creative. It’s my way to share my journeys, my memories, my thoughts, and the lessons I’ve learned in ways that feel most comfortable to me. I mostly write about my travel time, writing life, and the joy of living light.

The happiest moments in my blogging life include: having 5 of my articles being Editor’s Pick-ed on Wordpress, being profiled on WordPress Discover, and meeting Matt Mullenweg, twice!.

Let me know how we can collaborate and do epic stuff together by dropping me a happy email here.

Until then, enjoy the blog!


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