My 100 List

These are some of the things I’d like to do in life, compiled from my previous diaries (dated back to like 13 years ago) with some new additions/changes (because I changed!)… and some of them had been accomplished! 😀 50 out of 100. More to go!

  1. Writing my own novel/travelogue
  2. Waitressing in a small coffee shop/restaurants/bar/pub
  3. Getting published – done
  4. Going for a road trip on a van with someone (who drives because I don’t) for a month – done in 2017
  5. Learning how to swim in the pool – done (still not a good swimmer, though)
  6. Learning how to swim in the sea – done
  7. Learning how to fly a fighter jet/helicopter – done in 2015 (thanks, Eurofighter!)
  8. Making friends with an FBI agent (I’m close!)
  9. Traveling alone somewhere – done
  10. Making movies
  11. Making announcement like the cabin crew in the plane
  12. Dancing barefooted on a hill, underneath the stars
  13. Wearing bikini – done
  14. Kissing a fellow traveler – done
  15. Dancing with a total stranger in a party – done
  16. Partying all night until morning comes – done
  17. Baking red-velvet cake – done
  18. Taking an advanced course in cooking 
  19. Being a barista
  20. Designing my own house
  21. Learning how to ride a bike – done in 2017
  22. Learning how to give Thai massage – done in 2015 (actually it’s a mixture of Thai, Swedish, and Balinese massage)
  23. Making out under the stars – done
  24. Having a late night conversation with a total stranger – done
  25. Kissing someone inside a bookstore – done, thanks to M 🙂 first one to be crossed out in 2014! 😀
  26. Living in a bookshop for a month
  27. Being a shopkeeper in a small shop abroad
  28. Writing a song – done
  29. Singing on a stage in a small bar in the middle of nowhere
  30. Being proposed inside a bookstore
  31. Attending an island-wedding party – done (thank you, Nila!)
  32. Going on a cruise – done
  33. Snorkeling – done
  34. Jumping from the heights – done
  35. Experiencing sky diving – done (indoor version)
  36. Wearing deep bright red lipstick – done
  37. Coloring my hair pink – done
  38. Being a photographer – done
  39. Living in a wood cabin in the mountains for 1 month
  40. Volunteering abroad
  41. Jumping into a pool full of marshmallows
  42. Learning basic Russian – done
  43. Learning basic Italian – done
  44. Learning basic Spanish – done
  45. Learning Ayurvedic cooking
  46. Learning how to paint patterns/illustrations with watercolour
  47. Reporting stories from conflicting countries
  48. Run a cross-country half-marathon
  49. Traveling light for more than 2 weeks with only one travel bag – done
  50. Greeted by the locals on a first-name basis when traveling – done
  51. Someone making me breakfast in bed
  52. Hugging an elephant
  53. Climbing a tree – done
  54. Experiencing a hangover – done
  55. Appearing on TV/magazine/newspapers – done
  56. Picnic-dating by the beach or in the park – done in 2015 (Vondelpark, yeah! Thanks, D *kisses*)
  57. Learning Latin dances – done in 2015
  58. Toying with a hedgehog
  59. Coming back to a European city abroad I once visited – done
  60. Sending letters to someone I don’t know
  61. Handing out a poetry I wrote to a total stranger – done
  62. Dancing in a club barefooted – done
  63. Handing out flowers to strangers
  64. Handing out coffee to strangers
  65. Handing out a novel I had read to strangers
  66. Paying the bill for a stranger at the next table
  67. Publishing a poetry book
  68. Getting my stories or novels published in other languages
  69. Bringing my white acoustic guitar when I’m traveling abroad
  70. Meeting someone I know online who lives abroad – done
  71. Traveling across Indonesia and visiting all the big islands – done in 2015
  72. Doing yoga by the beach
  73. Feeding the fish in the sea – done
  74. Sleeping in the outdoors, underneath the sky – done in 2015 (missing Sawendui!)
  75. Publishing an anthology of letters
  76. Climbing into the top of a lighthouse – done
  77. Being a vegetarian one week in every month for a year – almost there 🙂
  78. Climbing into a tree house
  79. Learning how to play billiard – done in 2017
  80. Getting Tughra Inayati tattoed on my shoulder blade or Ahem Prema on my wrist
  81. Growing a potted plant – done
  82. Teaching teenagers to write
  83. Live in an ashram/monastery for a week – done
  84. Going for a blind date – done
  85. Kissing under the rain – done, thanks for this, M! #Ubud
  86. Smoking a cigarette – done, twice, and still don’t like it
  87. Trying acupuncture – done
  88. Publishing my own magazine – getting there! 🙂
  89. Going to drive-in cinema
  90. Learning pole dancing
  91. Seeing the Northern Lights
  92. Going on a safari 
  93. Going hiking – done
  94. Living inside a trailer/caravan abroad for two weeks
  95. Publishing an illustrated children’s book – done
  96. Traveling to South America
  97. Serving my own cocktail, called Hanny’s Summer Rain
  98. Skinny dipping 
  99. Watching meteor shower
  100. Speaking at an international literary festival

If you made it this, far, please say 'hi'. It really means a lot to me! :)

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