Short Story: Things that Were Born at Night (EN/ID)

Layla glanced at the tattoo of her name curled up on Binar’s wrist, which was now wrapped in plastic (because it was not allowed to get wet for a while), and she felt the strangest feeling. Suddenly, her name seemed to have a secret meaning. Something magical. Special. And that made her special too. (Things that Were Born at Night, 2022)

Layla memandangi rajahan namanya melengkung di pergelangan tangan Binar yang kini terbalut plastik (tidak boleh kena air untuk sementara waktu). Tiba-tiba saja, namanya seperti punya arti rahasia. Sesuatu yang magis. Istimewa. Sesuatu yang membuat Layla merasa istimewa pula. (Hal-hal yang Lahir pada Malam Hari, 2022)



  • A 10-page short story by Hanny Kusumawati (with photographs)
  • In PDF, available for direct downloads both in Bahasa Indonesia (1,900+ words) and English (2,400+ words)
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