Foreign Words

  • 100 mm x 140 mm
  • printed on 130 gsm white sticker paper with a matte finish
  • kiss cut
  • non-waterproof


These minimalist square-stickers encapsulate some of my favorite foreign words in autumn colors. Cafuné, running your fingers through the hair of someone you love.

Mångata, the glimmering reflection that the moon creates on the water. Iktsuarpok, an Inuit word that describes the feeling of anticipation that makes you keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming. Betah, an Indonesian word for that wonderful sensation when you feel so at home and in your element–you don’t want to ever leave.

Find out the meaning of the rest of the words on your favorite search engine while pasting these versatile stickers into your planner/notebook/journals. Which word perfectly captures the way you feel right now?

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