Soulful Planning Session 2021

Hi, friends!

Throughout the years, I’ve written my thoughts on life planning (especially when it comes to the ever-famous New Year’s resolutions!). You can read some of them here and here.

The bottom line is, I always feel like regular ‘planning’ is mostly revolved around external things. It’s about what you want to achieve and how you can make plans to achieve that. Which is cool.

However, what I’ve experienced so far was this: it felt wonderful when I finally achieved my goal (got a promotion, finally bought the ticket for that dream vacation, lost weight, published that book, etc.) but after a day, a week, a month, the wonderful feeling slowly evaporated. The ‘achievement’ felt like something that happened in the past, that didn’t really matter much now, and I found myself questioning, “What’s next?”

I started making new goals and tried to achieve these goals, and the same cycle repeated itself.

I think you could relate if you’ve ever saved money to buy something (a new phone, a new bag, a new laptop) and it felt so good when you could finally get it and wear it for the first few times, but after 4-5 times of wearing these items (or even less!), it just felt like something you’ve owned your whole life. You became indifferent to it. It was basically like riding ‘the hedonic treadmill‘.

This made me think and question my approach to planning; either for something I’d like to do in my life or for the new year, for instance.

As an introvert, naturally, I have always been interested in how I could plan my life by not only relying heavily on external things or ‘future’ achievements. I have always been curious if we could plan our lives by looking at something internal. I am the feeling-type who is not that ‘inspired’ with number goals or status goals (maybe I am just not that ambitious), and I don’t feel like the hustle-culture is suitable for me, either.

So, I tried to create my own way of planning. I used to call it mindful planning, but now I liked the sound of ‘Soulful Planning’ more. Somehow it makes me think of making a plan for my soul, and from my soul.

If you could relate to these sentiments around planning and would like to collaborate in providing a live online Soulful Planning session for your circle/community (in Indonesian or English), feel free to contact me here with the subject SOULFUL PLANNING and let’s see how we can play together!

Here’s what we’re going to experience during the guided Soulful Planning session:

Part 1. Introduction

  • Why soulful planning can be an alternative planning method for those of you who are not quite inspired by ‘hustling’ and chasing number-goals or status-goals.
  • What soulful planning is and how to make it an essential part of our daily lives and in our decision-making process.
  • How soulful planning can tell you the difference between being busy and being productive.

Part 2. Listening

  • How to use the intuitive journaling method for soulful planning, where you plan not only with your mind but also with your body and intuition.
  • How to reconnect with your body, listen to it and befriend the signals it puts out.
  • How to pay attention to the way you respond to external stimuli and understand the internal stirrups it caused.

Part 3. Exploring Feelings

  • How to reveal the hidden layers between our wishes and wants, and set up a realistic and soulful goal for yourself.
  • How to conduct a feel-based journaling exercise to dim the noises and chatters around you, and listen to your own voice.
  • How to gain clarity and set your priority about what you can do (right here, right now–without having to wait for ‘the future’) to embody your soulful goals.

Part 4. Branching In & Out 

  • What to do when you are still unsure about your feelings or your soulful goals.
  • How to ‘cross-reference’ your soulful goals by working with story-journaling techniques.
  • Try out the “Time Traveler” story-journaling session to reveal some feelings, thoughts, or wishes that may not pop up to the surface otherwise.

Part 5. Planning 

  • How to select your focus and decide on your priorities.
  • How to create ‘doing’ habits that feel good and do not overwhelm or stress you out by adding extra pressure.
  • How to conduct daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins for your soulful goals.

Part 6. Creating 

  • How to create your vision board and why some vision boards may not work for you.
  • How to create your ‘comfort blanket’ to snuggle in during those days when you hit some rough patches.
  • How to carve and design some personal time, rituals, and reminders around your self-care & soulful moments.

Part 7. Playing

  • Why ‘play’ is important for us, even as adults, and how we can design our own ‘play-time’ based on what we like/enjoy.
  • How to incorporate the element of play while working on our soulful goals.
  • How we can be more playful in our daily lives, loosen up, and embrace our child-like wonders.


Wishing you a soulful December,


Hanny illustrator
I'm a published writer and a writing/creative workshop facilitator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In Indonesian, 'beradadisini' means being here. So, here I am, documenting life—one word at a time.