A New Short Story is Here!

THINGS THAT WERE BORN AT NIGHT (2022) were born out of an assignment in a writing course with Mbak Leila Chudori two years ago. This story began to take shape one weekend when I stayed at Verbania in Lago Maggiore and spent the entire day strolling around its adorable narrow alleyways.

I imagined a girl on a family vacation here, who then learns an odd secret about herself and her family. I knew I would like it to be a story where the reader experiences confusion and makes assumptions, just like the protagonist.

During the process, I left the story for quite some time and only returned to it again during the lockdown in Amsterdam while translating it into English.

The short story is now up in my shop for direct downloads in Bahasa Indonesia, and English. You will get both versions upon purchase.

Thanks to Windy Ariestanty, who kindly took the time to look at the original unedited script and provided valuable input—and Hanna Richards, who assisted with the English editing of the story.


Hanny illustrator
I am an Indonesian writer/artist/illustrator and stationery web shop owner (Cafe Analog) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I love facilitating writing/creative workshops and retreats, especially when they are tied to self-exploration and self-expression. In Indonesian, 'beradadisini' means being here. So, here I am, documenting life—one word at a time.