Hello! Welcome to Beradadisini; an Indonesian blogger’s take on traveling, writing, and living light! The term “beradadisini” means “being here” in Indonesian.

If you are new to the blog, here are some articles for you to start:

My travel tales:

The Art of Traveling Alone: What Santorini, Greece, Taught Me About Traveling Solo

The Wisdom of Pejeng: On How An Encounter with A Cave Caretaker Taught Me About Life

6 Things You Might Lose On Your Traveling Journeys & What They Taught You About

My musings about love and heartbreak:

The One Who Never Leaves: About That One, Who Never Leaves

About Someone Who Loves You

How to Love

The Answer

Life-lessons That Are Hidden Behind A Series of Heartbreaks

You Don’t Live Until You Have Scars

My thoughts about finding our place in the world:

6 Ways to Live A Life You’ll Love: A Reminder On How to Choose the Life You Desire

6 Things to Experience Before Even Deciding to Quit Your Job

Digital Nomad: So, You Want to Work from Anywhere in the World?

How to Get Paid to Write: 3 Steps to Earn a Decent Income Through Writing

We Don’t Find Our Passion. We Do It.

My memories from the past:

The Silent Contentment of Being Home Again

The Short History of Instant Noodles

Growing Up Over A Cup of (Indonesian) Coffee

From there, you can also find some more articles you might like in the category of Living Light, Rooming & Roaming, and Write & Wander. You can also follow my random chirps on Twitter as @beradadisini.

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