Stretched along Bengawan Solo—one of the longest river in Java, and guarded by some volcanoes: Mt. Merapi, Mt. Merbabu and Mt. Lawu, Solo is a tranquil city of Javanese culture and tradition. There’s a certain ‘ancient’ atmosphere that will captivate you instantly: a certain feeling of going back in time; especially as you get closer to the palaces or keraton—the sound of gamelan music wafting faintly from somewhere, batik cloths hanging from the drying rope.

If you love strolling around antique markets, just like me (pretending you’re living in a different century, spotting all those beautiful objects back from the day your mother or grandmother hasn’t been born and making up stories about the imaginary people who used to own those vintage-whatchamacallit as you go along), Solo would definitely charmed you with its Triwindu Antique Market.

Here are some pictures to please your eyes:

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Happy holiday! Wish you all a blessed and wonderful New Year!


There are only a few places I like in Jakarta: my office (seriously), the giant bookstores, coffee shops with bookshelves, the stretch of street stalls selling everything vintage in Jalan Surabaya, Seaworld and Planetarium (again, seriously), and… the Old Town area.

I love the Old Town not only because this 1.3 square kilometers area is very picturesque; but also because it reminded me of the pictures I saw in my history books. It gave me those “colonial romanticism” feeling (you know how I love to imagine myself living in a different era; the 1920s fascinates me the most).

A lazy stroll along this area is always a pleasant one. All those old buildings with beautiful architectures, street artists drawing your sketch or silhouette, tattoo stand, fortune-teller… It was unfortunate that several historical sites had been destroyed by the provincial government during the development of Jakarta, including Fortress Batavia, Gate of Amsterdam, and tram lane of Batavia (we had tram lane, once!).

I went to the Old Town again last weekend with my friend, Chris—me with my DSLR camera, running around taking pictures, and Chris with… nothing. “Who is the tourist, actually?” Chris laughed. “Yes, I am playing tourist!” I answered to that and mindlessly snapping some pictures again. Anyway, if you’re around this area, pay a visit to Warung Kota Tua. They have the best chicken noodles.


1. The beach. Don’t you just love going to the beach? This one is the view of Natsepa beach in Ambon, Molucca. We can sit side by side on the sand, enjoying a plate of the famous fruit ‘rujak’ and spend the rest of the day island-hopping on a speedboat.

2. A cup of coffee. This one is a cup of hot Balinese coffee, with its delicate sweetness and gentle acidity.

3. Pastries. A great company for a cup of coffee (or we can substitute the pastry with… #you, and that would be as sweet!). This one is taken in a small restaurant in La Rambla, Barcelona.

4. An old typewriter. Probably because you’re good with words—or your daily ‘proximity’ with words. And somehow I have always pictured you as an ‘old soul’: someone with such maturity beyond your years, as if you’ve lived for more than 100 years. This one is a vintage typewriter I came across in Triwindu Antique Market, Solo.

5. Artworks, paintings, and galleries. You have a love of art, and it shows in the way you view the world, the way you appreciate beauty unconventionally. This is a picture of a wonderful mess in Hector Fernández’s gallery at Double Beates, Barcelona.

6. Rain. From the black low-hanging clouds to the smell of the wet soil, from gazing at the droplets and listening to the calming sound of it. This one is taken from behind my working desk. The rain had just subsided.

7. Sunset. Because we share the love of capturing it. This one is taken in Telunas, Sugi Island, Batam.

8. Clouds. You know you’re happy at heart when you’re gazing at the funny-looking clouds and a smile appear on your lips. This one is taken in Lagos, from the balcony of the beach house. Do you see the huge cat-head below?

9. The sky. It makes me feel close to you. At times, we probably are looking at the same sky, at the same time, without actually realizing it. This one is taken in Sevilla (and–oh, look at those birds!)

10. A small café or restaurant. This one is taken in Lisboa. Look closely and you’ll see a man and a woman inside. One day, there will be you and me, meeting up for a late lunch and enjoying a small talk over our meals, discussing the most trivial things.

11. Beautiful light patterns. This one is taken in a winery in Jerez. The sunlight peers through the ‘grapevined’ roof, making those beautiful light patterns along the walls. Or maybe you simply reminded me of anything bright and beautiful.

*) a posting to celebrate 11.11.11

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