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  • Triwindu Antique Market, Solo.

    Stretched along Bengawan Solo—one of the longest river in Java, and guarded by some volcanoes: Mt. Merapi, Mt. Merbabu and Mt. Lawu, Solo is a tranquil city of Javanese culture and tradition. There’s a certain ‘ancient’ atmosphere that will captivate you instantly: a certain feeling

  • Old Town of Jakarta (Batavia)

    There are only a few places I like in Jakarta: my office (seriously), the giant bookstores, coffee shops with bookshelves, the stretch of street stalls selling everything vintage in Jalan Surabaya, Seaworld and Planetarium (again, seriously), and… the Old Town area. I love the Old

  • 11 views that remind me of you.

    1. The beach. Don’t you just love going to the beach? This one is the view of Natsepa beach in Ambon, Molucca. We can sit side by side on the sand, enjoying a plate of the famous fruit ‘rujak’ and spend the rest of the