Thanks much for your interests in working with me! In general, these are several things I might be able to help you with:

  • Writing & copywriting – press releases, sales kit, ebook, how-to books, articles, speech, presentations, standard web page content, blog content
  • Training/workshop – from 2-hour training to 2-day training related to communications (online + offline), public speaking, writing, and creative contents
  • Counseling on your communications strategy 
  • Blueprinting – drafting the blueprint for your marketing/corporate guideline and communication campaign/activities, online & offline 
  • 1-on-1 online coaching on writing, creative living & public speaking

I work best with clients who wish to do good things and to do it in a good way (and those who love sending email recaps + having coffee mugs nearby!).

If this is you, let me know how we can collaborate and do epic stuff together by dropping me a happy email here.

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Leave your traces here. I want to hear :)

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  • Hi Hanny! Been years being your blog’s reader and fan as well, now Am taking a courage to write to you directly. *blushing*
    Yep, semua inisiatif kamu di ranah social movement plus warna tulisan kamu yang selalu tulus dan humanis selalu berhasil menjadi inspirasi buat saya dalam berbuat sesuatu yg bermakna. Terimakasih banyak untuk semua hal yang telah kamu share itu ya :).
    Hanny, if you really don’t mind, can I learn from you, most notably about social movement? Actually saya tengah menggarap thesis yg topiknya seputar Communication for Social Change, and I think have an opportunity to discuss with you will give me such an aufklarung and lots of knowledge.
    I do really hope you have time. Sebelumnya, BANYAK TERIMAKASIH ya atas atensi dan bantuannya. Stay happy and spread the happines, Han 🙂