Jika Hanny Kusumawati Gagas Media

Jika” (If Only) is an anthology of short stories published by Gagas Media in 2013. It’s a collection of stories and recollections related to “What-if” and “If-Only”, two of the saddest lines in the world. It’s a collaboration between myself and several other writers, including Alanda Kariza, Artasya Sudirman, Gita Romadhona, and Rahne Putri. There are 13 short stories written by 13 women in this anthology. Mine is entitled Tentang Kehilangan (On Losing).

Tentang Kehilangan (On Losing)

The story revolves around that inconvenient looming of losing someone that you love so very deeply, and at the same time, the fear of losing yourself in the process. A female writer is trying to figure out about her complicated feelings while her conscience is toying with her–teasing her with a series of short letters sent from faraway places; questioning her past decisions. Struggling to cope up with the tragedy surrounding her love life and meet the submission deadline for her stories, she decided to look for an easy escape with the later; only to find out that her mind is playing a twisted trick on her. In the end, like a short story writer, we have the ability to decide when a relationship should end. But the way we choose to end it has its own consequence.

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