Rain and Ginger Tea Recipe.

Hello, busy-bees! The weather in my hometown has been crazy lately. It’s raining all day, and even when the rain stops, the sky remains cloudy. Down with a terrible flu for 3 days now, this afternoon I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and head to the kitchen instead. I’d like to make something simple and warm: like this home-made ginger tea.



  • 2 fresh gingers, grated (or you can use more if you’d like it stronger)
  • 2 teaspoons of green tea (you can replace this with other kinds of tea like jasmine, or if you’re lazy, a teabag will do)
  • 4 cups of boiling water

Put your grated gingers and green tea into the teapot, and then pour the boiling water. Leave it for a while, then pour it into a cup. Add a tablespoon of honey or sugar if you’d like to have a trace of sweetness there. You can also add a slice of lemon to enrich the taste (I like to have it with honey only). It’s a very simple recipe and extremely easy to make, but it gives you such a lovely extra warmth on rainy days.



For the time being, stay healthy!

14 Comments on “Rain and Ginger Tea Recipe.”

  1. Aiko says:

    Looks good. I wanna try someday! best for rainy season ;)

  2. It’s been raining here in Portland, Oregon too. I have a cold and just saw this in my reader. I actually have ginger in my fridge and will try this as it sounds delicious :) Thanks!

    • Really! Wow, it’s funny to think of this rain as a “universal rain” (it’s raining again now as I typed this). I have no idea why I said such a strange thing :D am gonna blame it on the flu! :D Enjoy your own cup of ginger tea! :) *cheers*

  3. I always use gula jawa to give it that smoky sweetness. (:

  4. Eva says:

    Ternyata kamu duluan yang buat teh-teh ini.

  5. Tina Latief says:

    yang aku temukan, teh itu nikmat saat dinikmati di saat yang tepat, tetapi ini ada penemuan kalau teh bisa lebih nikmat jika dipadukan dengan rasa yang lain :)

  6. Anla Arinda says:

    we have the same wheater , in surabaya..
    but I’d love to combine ginger with coffee :)

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