{1920} Silent Movies

Silent movies are just wonderful. It’s a bit like love in a way, because words can’t describe everything that we feel. Most of the times, it’s more about the butterflies in your stomach when the the palm of his hands meet yours, the flickers in his eyes when he spots you in a crowd, the way he caresses your cheek with his fingers, the way your lips shape a U when you see something that reminds you of him. It’s more about the color of his eyes, the shape of his glasses, the food that he likes, the things that make him laugh, the serious look upon his face when he’s working, the way he treats you…

Models: The Mavericks and the Raconteurs.

5 Comments on “{1920} Silent Movies”

  1. Funny and cute….. ^___^ love the theme and how models really do many expressions ^___^ kawaiiiiii.. love the idea and photographs…. ^___^ funny .. fun… funny again … hihihihi

  2. theFtangent says:

    Love love love this! I adore the silent film theme, and the way everyone has dialled up their facial expressions to support the concept. And, of course, beautiful photographs.

  3. cantik2 ya hehehe…
    mencintaimu dalam diam hahaha #28 days

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