The Ferris Wheel

Life is about chances you’ll never get back (Dawson’s Creek)

Ferris WheelThe guy you’re with (or the guy you fall into at a certain period of time) describes who you are, the emotional state you are in; and portrays in which stages you are in life.

I’ve come to the day when I realized that I don’t want a roller-coaster ride. That I’m tired of the emotional ups-and-downs, or an endless love-and-hate relationship, and I no longer fall for jerks or bad boys in the name of (mythical) ‘opposite attraction’.

At this stage of my life, I just want to be in a Ferris wheel.

The ups-and-downs were certain–it runs in such a smooth cycle that you don’t fall into pieces or scream like a mad woman. It’s still and calm, soothing and relaxing. And the more similarities I share with the guy I’m with, the more comfortable the relationship would be.

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