A Glitch That Itches


my knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil (via @funnyoneliners)

8 Comments on “A Glitch That Itches”

  1. Chic says:

    coklat juga dilapis aluminum foil han, still be my knight at the right moment hihihihihi :mrgreen:

  2. hedi says:

    kalo gatel ya digaruk dong, masak ditiup :P

  3. eliabintang says:

    sbnrnya saya ga terlalu nangkep artinya nih.. *kurang pinter kl utk gini2an* hehe

    salam kenal yah! :D

  4. Lex dePraxis says:

    Ahahaha, daleeem.. :D

  5. soulharmony says:

    pendek tapi…………

  6. nice writing, keep bloging

  7. dita.gigi says:

    mata kita hanya bisa melihat apa yang ingin kita lihat… :)

  8. mascang says:


    +spontan ngakak+

    at least aluminum could still shine :d

    dem dem , im fallin at first click *pencet sabskreb*

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