Today’s Tears

What is the meaning of loving?
It should be the thing that makes you cry happy tears.
But my tears are all made of sadness.
The fact that he won’t come back struck me.
Then what is the meaning of longing and waiting for someone for almost 8 years now? Not being able to love anyone but him.
Not being able to give my heart to somebody new.
Try to be loyal and not to get involved in romance with no one but him.
Should I let him go now? Is it the right time?
Will there ever be the right time to let go off someone you loved?

Loving Someone is Never Easy

Mencintai diri sendiri itu mudah. Mencintai seseorang itu sulit.
Loving someone is never easy.
Kalau kamu sedang jatuh cinta dan merasa bahwa mencintai pasangan kamu adalah hal yang mudah, mungkin sebenarnya kamu belum terlalu mencintai dia.
Mungkin kamu masih terlalu mencintai dirimu sendiri.
Mencintai seseorang itu sulit, karena cinta hanya akan menampakkan dirinya kepada orang-orang yang memperjuangkannya.
Love hurts. But it’s worth tryin’.